Jabari Umgani vom Okavango

… a Rhodesian Ridgeback male dog.


Umgani’s parents, Umlingani Castianira-Charis and Kulima Iman, came from South Africa.
He is the product of this South African outcross mating.

Umgani is an original South African Rhodesian Ridgeback who was born in Germany. An ‘old-type’ Rhodesian Ridgeback of South African descent.


About Umgani

  • date of birth: 6 May 2006
  • registered in the breeding book of the IRV e.V.
  • sex: male
  • colour: red wheaten, Blacknose (livernose gene carrier)
  • size: 69 cm
  • permit to breed: 9 June 2008
  • HD: I (free)
  • formerly stud in the DRC
  • other: carries old African lines (Pronkberg)

More photos of Umgani and his puppies are shown on his facebook page.

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